A Long Day of Travels!

Finally! Alaska said, “Let there be WiFi!” 

Connection has been very spotty up here, and our cabin in Healy has finally granted us some decent signal. So I have a lot of catching up to do!

The first day of just getting to Alaska was very hectic. We flew from St. Louis to Portland, OR okay, but our connecting flight to Seattle was cancelled. I wasn’t bummed about it, I just thought, “It’s all part of the adventure, right?” We got rescheduled to a flight that was leaving about an hour later, which pushed our final flight from Seattle to Anchorage back a couple hours later. When we touched down in Seattle, we realized that mom had been booked for a different flight than Claire and me, so we talked to a couple flight attendants. Let me tell you — I still have no idea what happened. I think it was a ticket numbering error, but I was so confused about it all. No matter the confusion, we all got on the same flight to Anchorage and landed safely after a lot of tension over whether or not we would have seats. I sat next to a very demanding lady and her apologetic husband, but oh well.

FINALLY, we landed in Alaska, and we were all just so tired. We got to baggage claim, and the thought that had been tugging at me ever since out flight got cancelled had been realized. Our baggage was lost, so we had to wait until the next day to pick up our bags at the Kenai Airport. Needless to say, we were feeling pretty gross sleeping in our clothes from the day before and chewing gum instead of brushing our teeth. We hit up a Goodwill to buy some cheap coats, hats, and gloves to that we could still  hike some trails and do other stuff before we got to the airport — that way it wouldn’t derail our plans all that much. We even found this store that is Walmart times five. It has everything and more. There’s even a built in day care place you can drop your kids off while you shop. They were watching Horton Hears a Who the other day, and I kind of wanted to stay with the kids and watch the movie — it didn’t happen. Anyway, we were already planning on going to the Kenai Peninsula, so we made our way from Anchorage to Kenai and made a couple stops. 

First, we stopped just after Girdwood at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It was pretty much like a zoo/family farm type of deal. There were rescued wolves, black and brown bears, porcupines, sitka deer, caribou, a lynx and owl. It
was a pretty cool. We also saw the biggest ravens I have ever seen. They were intimidating when you got up close! So after we did that, we checked in at our cabin in Moose Pass because it was on the way to the airport. It was very nice and fancy! It had a cool electric heater and very fancy shower.  We didn’t stay long before we headed back on the road to get our bags. 

In Kenai, we got to pick up our bags and decided to go out to eat while we were in town. It was a pretty neat little town. It was pretty flat for the most part, but you could see the mountains in the distance. So after what felt like a very long day, we finally got to go to our cabin and take some well deserved showers and sleep! After everything was said and done, it all seemed kind of funny. I will admit, I was mad in the moment when we lost our bags, but everything turned out okay, haha. 

And the lady at Goodwill said that that happens to people regularly! The airlines losing the bags of people who are flying to Alaska, I mean. I thought that was pretty crazy. 

So there are some pictures in this post, but you can find the rest of the pictures divided into sections in the View From Up Here page. 


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