Day Two – May 6-7

I forgot to mention in the previous post that we saw bears on our way back from Kenai to the cabins! We were on the Sterling Highway, and there were a few cars pulled over. When we stopped to see what they were looking at three grizzly bears popped out of the woods! They were sticking to their business, just walking around and looking for food it seemed. We didn’t get out of the car, but a couple guys did. They stayed a good distance away from the bears, and the bears didn’t even seem to notice. I wasn’t about to get out, though!

So the next day, the 7th, we got up and decided to try to hike Portage Glacier, which would’ve lead to an area where we could have seen sea otters and stuff like that. To get to that trail, we had to go through a massive tunnel that leads to Whittier. The one lane tunnel is actually shared by two lane traffic and trains, so they have 15 minute intervals where one of those can go at a time. It was pretty nerve-wracking after a while, because the tunnel was so long!

When we finally got into Whittier, the scenes were beautiful. The very small town looks out on Prince William Sound, and the water is amazing even when it’s raining. (Especially when it’s raining, I should say, although the rain did make it pretty cold outside). When we found the trail head, we couldn’t get to it because snow was blocking the way, but the drive up there was still worth it.

The lakes we were passing were amazing, too. The silt from glaciers was making the water the prettiest shades of blue, and we tried to capture it in some pictures. A picture can’t do the beauty justice, though.

So we drove down to another glacier trail mom had heard of, Exit Glacier. That
one was right outside of Seward — probably my favorite place we’ve been to so far. The road to Exit Glacier was closed, so we tried to hike a smaller trail we had seen on the way. We were hiking with a couple and their baby, which I thought was insane because the trail still had a lot of snow and ice on it, and that woman was only wearing yoga pants and converse.

On the hike, we saw moose poop, which I couldn’t believe were so small! I also saw a bear track in the snow on our way back, which wasn’t long after we started because the ice was just too worrisome. I picked up a wildlife book later on, and thought maybe the track was from a black bear. The paw pad was huge, but the claw marks didn’t seem to be as big as the grizzly marks.

We decided to stop by Seward because we were so close to it, and got to see sea otters! They were just playing in the bay, floating on their backs near the shore. There was a lady there that told us she was seeing whales out farther in the bay. She said she saw them spout, but I didn’t see anything while we were there. They can stay under for a long time, though, so we probably just didn’t stay long enough.

We ended up eating at a fancy seafood restaurant on the marina, and saw many eagles and seagulls! That’s where I did the Facebook livestream of the seagulls, haha. An immature eagle flew by our window and landed on the railing outside. It was pretty awesome.

On the way home we stopped by a river bed and walked around a little bit. There were some streams and a lot of smooth rocks and black sand. There was a couple playing with their dogs in it, too. So it must be a fun place to come to each year when the river dies down. I’m pretty sure it was the Resurrection River, because the trail we hiked — which was close to this — was called Resurrection trail and plus the name just makes sense. I don’t know for sure, though.


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