Day Three – Whale Watching

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I will make this one a little shorter!

On Monday the 8th, we went whale watching! We left on a boat out of Seward (my favorite place so far), and saw a ton of stuff. We were supposed to go the day before, but ended up going the next day. Apparently the people that went the day we were supposed to go didn’t see a thing, but we saw a bunch of stuff the next day!

Before we even got onto the boat, sea otters were still playing near the shore, and of course the sea gulls were everywhere. Once we finally got onto the water, eagles began to appear more often, and we saw a whale right off the bat. It was a humpback, I believe, and it did the whale tail thing. It was pretty awesome.

Beside the wildlife, the boat was pretty nice. It was way bigger than the one we took in Boston, and we decided to sit on the upper deck nearest the captain. I was pretty confident at first because the waters were calm in the bay, but once we got out onto the actual water, I was definitely fighting the urge to puke. Apparently, the higher you are and the closer you are to the front, the more rocking and seasick you will feel. So on the way back, I decided to sit on the bottom deck and towards the back, haha. While out on the water, we also saw a great deal of sea lions. They looked like big sausages sitting on rocks. We also passed by a harbor seal, which according to the captain doesn’t happen that often! There were more whales that we saw, as well, on our way to the glacier, which was our final destination before returning to Seward.

The glacier was awesome. Of course, it was super cold the closer we got to it, and it was the prettiest blue. Broken pieces were floating in the water surrounding it, and it was just gorgeous. The glacier actually calved while we were there too, and it made a huge thundering sound. There was another glacier-looking thing nearby that made an even bigger sound, but nothing ended up happening. It was all so amazing.

On the way back, Claire and I say next to a really nice guy that I seriously thought was one of my previous teachers for a while until he told me he was from Orlando. I’m so serious, he could be my teacher’s twin — looks, mannerisms, personality, everything. So that was cool.

Aside from the ocean life, we also saw some mountain goats doing their thing on the side of a cliff on our way up to the glacier. My favorite sighting — aside from the harbor seal — was probably the black bear, though. He was just climbing a cliff right over the water, in clear view of our boat. The captain told us that black bears can pretty much reach any point a mountain goat can, which I thought was pretty impressive. Looking at the thing, it did seem pretty nimble.

(pictures will be added soon. I’m hitting a road block with the cooperation from this website and am figuring out a solution. But I didn’t want to not update it)


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